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Mr K Escape Game
Escape Game

Mr k Cahors – Escape Game

Mr-K Escape Game is a life-size escape game.
This is a new type of entertainment where you are locked with your team in a room: you have to figure out how to get out by completing a mission in a predefined time.
It is an immersive game, you are immersed in an atmosphere, a universe or a scenario.
It is an intuitive game, you are the masters of your game, there are no instructions or instructions, you will find alone the path of your adventure.

1 hour of intense play of which you are the heroes, a real teamwork.
Strength and knowledge are not necessary,
you need curiosity, good deductions and a little logic.

inspection prices
  • Basic rate
    Group of 5 people de €18 à €20
  • Basic rate
    Group of 4 people €20
  • Basic rate
    Group of 3 people €24
  • Basic rate
    Group of 2 people (expert) de €30 à €35
  • Basic rate
    Group of 6 people €20
Payment methods
  • Credit card
  • French "Chèques vacances"
Period(s) & times

By appointment only via the website or by phone at 0675784613
ANCV check accepted.

7, rue Jean-Baptiste Charcot
46000 CAHORS
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