Aerial view of the village of Prayssac and its church on a market day
Aerial view of the village of Prayssac and its church on a market day
C. Bouthe
Gourmet market and guinguette atmosphere
Gourmet market and guinguette atmosphere
L. Nespoulous

Les animations dans la vallée du Lot

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Gourmet market and guinguette atmosphere
Gourmet market and guinguette atmosphere
L. Nespoulous
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A land of wonders and seduction!

Follow the Lot Valley! At first sinuous, from meander to meander, it will rock you from festive universes to literary or artistic encounters. Whether you are listening to a few notes of blues, or sensitive to the gestures of a contemporary dancer, your heart will beat tirelessly to the rhythm of the entertainment that punctuates your daily life... The charm of here is only equaled by the authenticity of the emotions experienced and shared!


Are you coming for a few days, or for life? Welcome then to this Lot Valley, where the quality of life rhymes with the sound of concerts that resonate in a valley, where festive songs mingle with that of the crowd that roams the alleys of a festival.

Welcome to the village square, where one of the most beautiful fireworks of the season will be set off, welcome to the evening vigil, by the fireside, where some old stories will be told, which have now fallen into the oblivion, but which are tinged with mystery in the mouth of the storyteller… Do you hear in the distance the sound of a bandas? This is certainly the festival of the neighboring village! What are you waiting for? Go there and let yourself be carried away by the contagious euphoria that emanates from it!

With a hint of a smile, a look of wonder, you will then discover this local entertainment which you had never heard of, and which nevertheless will leave you with this memorable memory, that of this place, of this locality where you will return to do not doubt it.

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As your journey progresses, a delicious smell tickles your nostrils, a smell that floats in the air, and that you did not suspect. Almost unconsciously, you follow her, and you are not alone, since at the bend of an alley, you tumble on a farmers' market!

The stalls then stretch as far as the eye can see, where the colors mingle with each other, to offer a unique picture, a patchwork of products, each more attractive than the other. From right and left, your gaze is guided by these products harvested by the local farmer, sold by this proud kid who accompanies his grandmother, and who challenges you to offer you his basket of strawberries, his tomatoes, his melon du Quercy… So you let yourself be tempted, and taste the fruit harvested in the shade of the oak. An inimitable taste, don't you think? This is the quality of the product cultivated with care, and which you will find on the markets of the Lot Valley!

From there, you rush into an alley not far from there, as if attracted by a hanging sign. This announces the entrance to an art gallery, which welcomes you to present all the know-how of local artists. Wandering through the works, paintings, sculptures, you let yourself be carried away by the artist's imagination! Discover how this Lot Valley inspires creative minds, how stone captivates the talent of these exceptional craftsmen! You then enter a limitless universe, where inspiration finds its roots in these landscapes of character.

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