Our Lady of the Island in Luzech
Our Lady of the Island in Luzech
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Guided tours and tastings - groups - Cahors-Lot Valley
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Shine in the evening: 10 words to know about wine

Loving wine is one fact, but knowing its subtleties is another. If you are told that all winegrowers are winegrowers but that all winegrowers are not winegrowers, do you follow? Come on, we'll guide you, here are ten thermal baths to know for a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of wine.

Volume 1: From the vine to the cellar

The basics of the budding winemaker

  1. Un vine : it is the vine stock (the trunk and the branches). It is therefore the base and from the stock, common to all the vines, we distinguish the grape varieties.
  2. Le grape :It's the variety of the vine! Here, the main grape variety is Malbec.
  3. Lappellation : defines the geographical origin. In France, there are four appellations: table wine, local wine, superior quality delimited wine (VDQS) and the controlled designation of origin (AOC) which enjoys the wine of Cahors. 
  4. Le Domaine : this is the name of the wine producer and all of its production facilities. 
  5. Le vintage : A big word to say the year of grape harvest! A year, a vintage, can be more or less rated, depending on the grape variety of course, depending on the weather too, but the passion and work of the winegrower will be decisive. But what is the difference between a winegrower and a winegrower?
  6. Le winegrower : it is the "gardener". He takes care of the vine from its planting to the harvest (or harvest) through pruning, maintenance of the soil, the vines, ... 
  7. Le winemaker : he is a winegrower but not only. Indeed the winemaker is involved in the process of planting the vines until the bottling and marketing of its nectar. 
  8. La winemaking : it is the whole of the stages which make it possible to transform the grape into wine. In order, there is destemming, pressing, maceration and finally fermentation.
  9. Le chai : this is the place where the vinification takes place.
  10. Le safety vault : this is the area dedicated to tasting.

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