Visit a truffle field with Truffe Passion
Visit a truffle field with Truffe Passion
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Truffle: commented walk on this mysterious black mushroom

A Lalbenque
Before the whistle which announces the opening of the Lalbenque truffle market, we treated ourselves to a somewhat special moment: discovering the world of truffle farming through a pleasant walk commented by a specialist.

Nestled between causse and Quercy blanc, the small village of Lalbenque also called “ The historic capital of black truffles », is preparing to open the famous truffle market.

But before that, we booked a promenade very special in the company of a nature guide, named Colin, ready to reveal his in-depth knowledge of this famous black mushroom.

We might as well tell you that we are looking forward to this meeting!

Guided black truffle walk Lalbenque
Guided black truffle walk Lalbenque
Guided black truffle walk Lalbenque

Amateurs and insiders are invited to discover the Quercy truffle in all its aspects. We will finally understand everything about its history, its environment, as well as its secrets.

Guided black truffle walk Lalbenque
Guided black truffle walk Lalbenque
Guided black truffle walk Lalbenque

“Under which trees does this mushroom grow? » “What does mycorrhizal mean? » "And what is a witch's ring?" »

Eager to learn a little more, we are taking the plunge! After putting on a very warm parka, here we go in a small group on the Quercy paths in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. We all walk together through the narrow streets of the village to gradually sink into a rural landscape.

Beyond its exceptional taste qualities, the black diamond influenced the landscape and remarkable building by inscribing the Lot identity that Colin reveals to us little by little: caselles, dovecotes, dry stone walls and water reserves, which today are part of a panorama rich in cultural heritage..

Loaded with his backpack full of supports andprecise information, he teaches us in a fun way how the truffle cycle and takes us to the different truffle fields around the village, some of which are very old.

We almost want to become a truffle grower but it's not that simple... This little miracle of nature has to be earned!

During the excursion, we will not see any truffles. Except from afar, if we witness a digging demonstration, which takes place this afternoon, accompanied by the Lagotto Romagnolo breed dogs, renowned for their flair.

After more than two hours of informative walk, we all sit together comfortably under the small truffle oaks and share a delicious wild thyme herbal tea carefully prepared by our guide.

He concludes this lovely stroll with a privileged moment : a captivating and legendary read linked to the black mushroom.

This walk sprinkled with a hint of poetry is already ending and we leave with our heads full of mysteries solved.

Passion Truffles - Limogne
Passion Truffles - Limogne
C. Novello
Truffle: know-how and a product of the land The truffle, the black diamond
Winter truffle market in Lalbenque
Winter truffle market in Lalbenque
R. Dose - Visitor Center Cahors - Lot Valley
Meet the producers

The Lalbenque truffle market

Truffles are also and above all the famous Lalbenque market! Go and meet truffle producers and let yourself be captivated byunique smell of this rare mushroom.

Truffle day!

Where can I find a truffle grower?

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