Valorization of the road to Santiago de Compostela

"1000 hands in the dough" on the GR65

Every year since 2015, the "1000 mains à la pâte" Associations of the Lot have been working to promote the way to Santiago de Compostela on the GR65 between Figeac and Montcuq in the Lot, passing through Cajarc, Limogne et Cahors.

A date to remember, the first Saturday in October where no less than 500 volunteers come together to rebuild the built heritage (dry stone walls, caselles, gariottes, wells, etc.), clear brush, moss, clean up, etc.

Day of October 1, 2022: registrations closed.

A national operation

"1000 hands in the dough" for the way to Saint-Jacques is also a national event at the beginning of October.

Find out more on the ACIR website

The "free way"

by the Regional Natural Park
of the Causses of Quercy

It is a very special book, an open-air comic strip, made up of 14 stories drawn on stones then built in the dry stone walls, which we invite you to discover!

It is traveled along the way for nearly 15 kilometers between Bach and Laburgade, a section of the GR65-Via Podensis listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the Chemins de Compostelle.

A book drawn with 4 hands by the artists Troubs and Edmond Baudoin, two authors, designers and great travellers.

They painted on the stones of the country, played hollows and bumps to tell the landscapes, the journey, the meeting...

Just follow the red and white markings to discover the stones drawn along the way!

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