Canoeing down the Lot at the foot of Saint-Cirq Lapopie
Canoeing down the Lot at the foot of Saint-Cirq Lapopie
J. Morel - Lot Tourisme - PNRCQ
Live unique experiences in the Lot Valley! Precious heritage, exceptional geological sites, hikes in the heart of untamed nature, incredible swimming spots, breathtaking cliffs, rich and dynamic cultural life... All the ingredients are there to offer you a sensational holiday that will leave you with unforgettable memories. .
Boat on the towpath towards Albas
Boat on the towpath towards Albas
M. Cochet

Water: blue treasure of the Lot valley 

Take a walk on a shaded path along a refreshing river. To marvel at the force of the current. Contemplate the flight of a heron from his canoe-kayak. Reconnect with your senses, balancing on a paddle in the middle of a body of water. Create happy family memories during an afternoon swimming by the river. Enjoy a moment of calm during a fishing trip in a breathtaking setting.

In the Lot Valley, water is a precious commodity that contributes to the charm of our destination. Several rivers and lakes are on our territory, thus ensuring you a cool vacation with many varied activities that will please the whole family.

Family swimming in the Lot
Family swimming in the Lot

Swimming in the Lot Valley

The sun is shining and you want to cool off? Whether it's for fun with family, friends or simply swimming in peace in the middle of nature, you will be particularly charmed by exceptional natural sites in which you will dive. Many swimming spots await you all along the Lot valley! 


I dive into the water!


Family canoeing on the Lot
Family canoeing on the Lot
A. Auzanneau

Descend the Lot and the Célé by canoe-kayak!

Take advantage of a beautiful sunny day to discover the Lot or Célé valley from a new angle. On board your boat, you will be able to contemplate landscapes of subjugating beauty, and you will discover an extremely rich local fauna.

Young or old, everyone will be delighted with this exhilarating getaway along the water!

I embark

Fishing workshop for children Catus
Fishing workshop for children Catus
L. Da Ascencao

Fish in the Lot Valley!

Take advantage of your stay with us to savor fishing trips in the heart of unique landscapes. Predators, salminodiers, crayfish... Many species inhabit our rivers!

I bite the bait!

Olivier Fredon

Climb the Lot cliffs

With over 1300 routes open, the Lot cliffs are an inexhaustible playground. Immerse yourself in these spaces in the open air, you will be intoxicated. Measure yourself against the limestone immensities, you will more than once be speechless before their majesty. Contemplate the landscape offered from the highest point of your ascent, you will see, it is worth the detour! 

Climbing in the Lot Valley
Caving in the Causses du Quercy PNR
Caving in the Causses du Quercy PNR
JF Cabriol - PNR Causses du Quercy

Dive into the bowels of the earth

The territory Cahors - Lot Valley hides a well-kept treasure under your feet. Indeed, our beautiful causses preciously protect an incredible speleological heritage. Immerse yourself in this unique universe where all is silence and pure beauty. Young and old alike will appreciate these new underground activities, and everyone will come out elated by this unforgettable experience.

Speleology in the Lot Valley and Quercy

Feel the charm of a territory of character

Venture into time immemorial along delightful dry stone walls. Observe architectural details revealing the secrets of a prosperous city. Immerse yourself in daydreaming while strolling through the cobbled streets of a village frozen in a distant past. Take your breath away from the grandeur of steep cliffs. Feel the serenity invade us in front of a rural landscape with picturesque paces. Live a moment of laughter with the family during an investigation game in the heart of a hamlet with the charm of yesteryear...

Geocaching at Lac de Montcuq
Geocaching at Lac de Montcuq
R. Dose

Discover hidden treasures

Succumb to the addictive joys of geocaching! The concept ? Find hidden boxes (called geocaches) in magical places... You can then open them to register your name in the registers they contain, thus demonstrating your talents as explorers. If you're lucky, you may even discover wonderful little treasures! Something to combine fun and amazement!

I become a treasure hunter
paragliding Douelle above the meanders of the Lot
paragliding Douelle above the meanders of the Lot
Lot Tourisme - E.Ruffat
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Discover all our activities

Whether on or underground, in water or in the air, the Lot valley can be appreciated and contemplated from all angles. 

Ranging from the calm visit at the pace of a cruise, to the aerial sensation of a first flight, alone, as a couple, with family or friends, find the activities you need for a successful stay. 

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