The Lot and the Célé by canoe-kayak

Renting a canoe kayak is one of the best ways to discover the Lot and its landscapes by the river. 2 rivers are thus navigable and for all levels (beginners, intermediates and sportsmen): the Lot of course, and the Célé.
Canoeing in the Célé Valley
Canoeing in the Célé Valley

Canoeing on the Lot

Canoe kayak rental on the Lot at Cahors

Canoe bases and rental companies around Cahors from April to October:

You can also go canoeing at Lac Vert de Catus at 20 minutes from Cahors based on Lot of Sports.

BBQ boat - Cruises Saint-Cirq
BBQ boat - Cruises Saint-Cirq
BBQ boat - Cruises Saint-Cirq
Nature and Leisure
Nature and Leisure
Nature and Leisure

Canoe kayak rental on the Lot at Saint-Cirq Lapopie

Canoe bases and rental companies around Saint-Cirq Lapopie on the Lot from April to October:

Canoe kayak rental on the Lot around Puy l'Évêque

Canoeing to Puy l'Eveque
Canoeing to Puy l'Eveque

Canoeing on the Célé to Saint-Cirq Lapopie

The Célé is classified in 1st category, easy level. It is a calm river ideal for wonderful walks with family or friends. The bases and canoe rental companies on the Célé from April to October:

canoe to Saint-Cirq Lapopie
canoe to Saint-Cirq Lapopie
L. Da Ascencao

Rent a canoe for several days

Want to try a new experience? Embark on a canoe trip in autonomy between 2 days and a week. To compose your tailor-made stay, contact the rental companies directly:


To be able to go canoeing or kayaking, it is required to know how to swim 25 meters and immerse yourself. Some rental companies set an age limit but generally a child is accepted accompanied from around 6 years old. When you leave a waterproof container will be given to you so that you can store your belongings, drinks and food. From paddles will also be provided to you as well as life vest, and explanations for beginners. Plan for closed shoes or that stick to the feet.

At the start, 3 choices depending on the hirers: return trip, leave your car and be transported a little further upstream to go down the river to your car, or the opposite but more rarely leave your vehicle at the starting point of the canoe and when you arrive you will be transported by mini bus to it.

Note that if historically the positions are different in a canoe (on your knees with a single paddle) and in a kayak (seated with a double paddle), for the practice of leisure you will be seated in both cases, with single paddles or double depending on the lessor. You can board with 1, 2 or even 3 people (2 adults and 1 child).

It is forbidden to pass through a lock
(on the Lot) with a canoe kayak, if the case arises you must get out of the boat and carry it out of the water to get around the obstacle. On the Célé, you can pass the small water drops by slides created for this use on the side of waterfalls. Most of the time once passed you will have the opportunity to carry your boat out of the water in order to go up higher and start again if it pleases you.

Remember to take with you something to hydrate and protect you from the sun (hats, caps, sunglasses. Swimming is allowed in the river.

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