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Fishing on the Lot in Cahors near the Coty mill
Fishing on the Lot in Cahors near the Coty mill
Lot Fishing Federation

Discover the best places to fish around Cahors and throughout the Lot valley: carp and predator fishing in the Lot and in the lakes, trout fishing on the Vers, fly or lure fishing on the Célé, etc

There are many opportunities to live your passion. And as we also have enthusiasts in the Lot, they share their favorite spots with you. Meet there!

Cahors fishing course

Fishing on the Lot in front of the Pont Valentré
Fishing on the Lot in front of the Pont Valentré
Lot Fishing Federation

Located in the heart of the city of Cahors, on a course laid out and regularly maintained, the river Lot meets the requirements of all fishermen. The loop formed by the river, between the Chaussée du Moulin de Coty and the Valentré bridge, is labeled “ Fishing Passion course » since 2013 by the National Federation for Fishing in France.

The Departmental Federation obtained this classification thanks to the realization of numerous projects and the construction of equipment by Grand Cahors.

Although located in the heart of the city, the fishing course blends into a green setting since all the banks have been the subject of stabilization work by plant engineering and replanting of riparian forest.

All techniques can be practiced here., a path reserved for pedestrians on the right bank makes it possible to track the many pike ou lure black bass, more than 20 fishing stations have been set up for coarse fishing and allow easy access to the shores for fishing. family fishing.

A slipway allows the practice of boat fishing for predators while discovering Cahors from the river.

From a settlement point of view, the 2500m of river in the Cadurcian loop are home to zander, black bass, perch and pike (no-kill only) with esocid catches of more than one meter each year. You will also encounter very good densities of barbel, carp (night fishing sector throughout the course), roach, bleak, gudgeon, chub, tench, etc.

Discovery trail in Vers

Aerial view of Vers
Aerial view of Vers
C. Novello

For those who want to learn about fishing, the discovery trails offer optimal conditions for learning and catching thanks to easy access and the many fish present.

The Vers stream is renowned for being one of the most beautiful trout courses in Occitania. The proposed route is located on the downstream sector of the Vers where you will learn and experience how to fish for trout in the river.

The upstream part of the Vers, wilder, welcomes a pretty population of wild trout much to the delight of specialists.

Other routes exist in the Lot such as on the Bave river downstream of Saint-Céré, on the Saint-Matré stream as well as on the Surgié lake and on the Célé in Figeac.

Finally, a family course exists on the lake of Laumel near Gourdon (with in addition to fishing a leisure offer, games for children, swimming, etc.).

Family fishing course at Lake Saint-Sernin de Montcuq

Body of water in Montcuq
Body of water in Montcuq
C. Novello

Lake Saint-Sernin de Montcuq has been classified as a course family fishing in 2020 on an area of ​​4,3 hectares and classified in 2nd category. It is home to a wide variety of fish: pike, black bass, perch, zander, fario trout, carp and many more. The fishing license is compulsory for fishing, you can get it on the site of the Lot fishing federation or in the tourist offices.

No-kill courses

These are routes with obligation to release any fish caught, whether or not they reach the legal size set by the regulations.

From Cahors to Cénevières here are the areas concerned:

  • the Girou no-kill trout course in Cénevières (275 meters). The successions of gours offer many fishing opportunities in clear waters laden with limestone. To meet the demand of sports fishermen, the Fishing Federation and the AAPPMA of Cajarc have decided to create a specific no-kill course with rainbow trout spills.
  • à Cahors on the Lot River from the Chaussée de Coty to the Chaussée du Pont Valentré (length 1900 meters): no kill pike,
  • à Cajarc on the Lot river from the D80 bridge at Pontou upstream to the SNCF bridge downstream (length 700 meters): no kill black bass.

In fish farming

Ideal for learning about the pleasure of fishing without needing a license and even if you don't have your equipment! Here carp, trout and roach will delight beginner anglers. Welcome to the Guiral mill fish farm.

Disabled fishing

Handi-fishing post of Douelle
Handi-fishing post of Douelle
Mr Duranceau
Disabled fishing routes and spots

So that everyone can enjoy this beautiful course, 2 fishing stations accessible to people with reduced mobility have been built in Cahors.

The Lot Fishing Federation has a program for the development of "disabled fishing" stations. You will discover on the map a precise cartography of the equipped sectors.

These spots offer a secure shaded pontoon on the edge of the river with a passable access path and less than 20m from the parking space for the reserved disabled vehicle. They are visible thanks to a sign indicating the disabled fishing station:

  • in Cahors near the parking lot of the hotel restaurant la Chartreuse,
  • in Cahors at the foot of the Louis Philippe bridge on the Place des Acacias side,
  • at Catus, the Green Lake.
  • in Douelle,
  • in Mercues,
  • at Lake Caillac.
  • at Lake Montcuq.
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