Basket of truffles on the Lalbenque truffle market
Basket of truffles on the Lalbenque truffle market
C. Novello
Truffle-based meal offered at the Château de Mercuès
Truffle-based meal offered at the Château de Mercuès
Castle of Mercuès
Basket of truffles on the winter truffle market in Lalbenque
Basket of truffles on the winter truffle market in Lalbenque
Lot Tourisme -B.Teixeira
Truffle dish
Truffle dish
Mr. Duranceau - Tourist Office - Cahors Lot valley
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La truffe, le diamant noir

Causse and Quercy Blanc
The truffle - better known by the nickname tuber melanosporum... or not - is a mystery, the truffle is a smell, a flavor, a passion, a heritage, a know-how, a secret art, a product of the earth, a economy and markets. The truffle is something to discover anyway, it has so much to share with you. As a consecration, the cultivation of the Quercy black truffle has recently entered the inventory of know-how in the intangible cultural heritage of France.
Basket of truffles on the Lalbenque market
Basket of truffles on the Lalbenque market
C. Novello
Truffle prices (Wholesale market) March 5, 2024

650 € / kg

Discover the truffle
Passion Truffles - Limogne
Passion Truffles - Limogne
C. Novello
The truffle is a mystery, everyone knows it

Of course, generations of truffle growers have studied it, passed on tips and tricks.
Most of the keys to its breeding are laid: it develops in limestone soils on the Lalbenque causses Remarkable Site of Taste for its truffle market, Limogne-en-Quercy and the Lot, on a shallow depth (from 10 to 30 cm), in rather aerated, draining soils and with a Remarkable PSite of Taste for its truffle market close to 8. But still?
Well, that's where family secrets are whispered, but not shared.
Where the truffle becomes a heritage: that of the lands and house secrets.

The truffle is a flavor and a smell 

First a smell. When she is ripe, it perfumes markets and kitchens. Some enthusiasts can even remain with their noses glued to it, like a divine addiction. The truffle is a charmer. Then she is a flavor that takes your taste buds to ecstasy, Do not be scarred by words. It doesn't take much to be happy and flavor an omelet, a brie, a small pot of butter, a cabbage or an aperitif. The little is its strength; the creamy makes its perfume, the time (a few days) makes its depth. So forget the price per kilo, think 100 grams and that's already a lot, think moments of culinary exaltation and it's huge. Imagine rare moments, which rhyme with rare product and the whole thing will create memories of a rare poetry.

Basket of truffles on the Lalbenque market
Basket of truffles on the Lalbenque market
Lot Tourisme -B.Teixeira

The truffle is a know-how and a product of the land

The truffle tree, pubescent or green oak, is noticeable by the presence of a bare ground area around the trunk. This zone comes from the aggressive action of the mycelium.
The truffle is born in the ground around May-June, then develops during the summer months thanks to storm rains (especially in August). She begins to mature with the premiers cold autumn and harvested at maturity during the winter months.
Le limestone soil of the causses of Lalbenque and Limogne-en-Quercy lends itself very well to it.

How is the harvest going?

Cavage consists of extracting the truffle from the ground, when it is ripe, in winter, usinga dog ora trained pig. Unlike the dog, the pig is very fond of truffles. His master must ensure that he does not eat this precious mushroom. Failing that, you can also search for truffles usinga blue fly, specific. We follow it with our gaze and, in mild weather, when we see it land at the foot of an oak tree, the truffle is spotted and you can start digging. Truth or legend?
You still have to try, but the elders say they know how to do it.
Finally, do it with your own sense of smell, nose to the ground. It can work… but be careful not to be with a truffle owner. We have very short humor on the subject here….

Domaine Lagrezette
Domaine Lagrezette
Domaine Lagrezette

Truffle, what is it?

Visit a truffle field with Truffe Passion
Visit a truffle field with Truffe Passion
E. Faure - Tourist office - Cahors Lot valley

This is the underground formation of a mycelium (mushroom) in association with the roots of a truffle tree. In our region, the noble species known and marketed with the mark
"Lalbenque black truffle" is known and referenced worldwide in gastronomy under the name of Tuber Mélanosporum.

An ideal environment

The truffle grows in limestone soils on the causses of Lalbenque and Lot, shallow (from 10 to 30 cm), rather aerated, draining and with a pH close to 8.

The truffle and its markets

Summer truffle -tuber aestivum- or winter truffle -tuber melanosporum-, there are different markets to discover the truffle in its element.

Winter truffle markets

From December to March, two of the most important truffle markets in France are held, 20 minutes south of Cahors et Saint-Cirq Lapopie : at Lalbenque Remarkable Site of Taste for its truffle market, Tuesday afternoon (from 14:30 p.m.) and at Limogne-en-Quercy Friday morning (from 10:30 a.m., but being there before is more prudent).
You will be able to come and discover this unique atmosphere, treat yourself with your eyes or treat yourself by buying a beautiful black winter truffle. They come in all sizes, the smallest cost around ten euros and you already have something to please you for 2 to 4 people (in an omelette or in shavings on your dishes).
The retail market always precedes the wholesale market in Lalbenque and everyone can find the quantity that suits them. A noble and luxurious product, it can reach

€1/kg retail, depending on the period or the quantity harvested. Just like saffron, this rare spice which is also harvested in the Lot.
The best restaurants in the region also come here to supply themselves with "tuber melanosporum", also nicknamed "black diamond".

Summer truffle markets

There is also a summer truffle, "tuber aestivum", more affordable, less exceptional, but very tasty as an aperitif in truffled butter. It's a good introduction to the discovery of this rare product, if you don't know it yet and are curious. A summer truffle market is also held at Limogne-en-Quercy on Sunday morning, from mid-June to mid-August, from 10am.
In both markets, animations are planned to know everything without having to ask.

Discover the truffle

If the truffle is a mystery, we have keys, clues, codes to share with you.
It is to an initiatory journey that we invite you directly in the truffle fields of truffle growers, it is up to you. You will observe, understand, imagine and the truffle will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will meet the truffle closer to its environment. The melanosporum ou the summer will reveal themselves to seduce you. Marie-France, Noushka, Jean-Paul and Tithys, Christine, all passionate, will share with you their knowledge, their stories, their anecdotes, will take you into the world of truffles with ease and clarity. Dog, female dog, will gladly put on a show, but you will not be their center of interest: only the truffle, the black diamond and the reward count for their experienced and gourmet "truffles". And the final question will be: which of you or these experts in digging will have the most passion for truffles at the end of these meetings…. Your bets!

Taste the truffle

With truffles, to flavor your dishes, you have to be generous, but not expensive.
She likes everything creamy, sometimes a little greasy, lounging in it for a few hours or a few days, to leave all her flavor in it as a divine memory. These are some basic tips, but you can imagine that such a refined product also deserves recipes, which are just as refined.
That's good, the leaders of the Destination Cahors – Vallée du Lot are as passionate as their truffle grower friends. So they multiply the truffle menus all winter. In this case, all you have to do is put your feet under the table and enjoy.
But the chefs also offer you truffle cooking class : they share their recipes with you, put you in the kitchen so that you can then enjoy the pleasure of tasting your own dishes.
And as the truffle is always declined with generosity, we also share with you some of our “homemade” recipes.

All truffle menus with info and prices

Animations around the truffle

The truffle festival in Lalbenque at the end of January

As every year, the famous village known for its superb winter truffle market organizes the truffle festival on the last weekend of January.

On the program: national digging competition with truffle dogs, culinary and discovery workshop, conferences, tastings, gourmet village, craftsmen and creators

The giant truffle omelet

This great event organized by the Site Remarquable du Goût of the Lalbenque truffle market takes place every year on the last Tuesday of July from 19:30 p.m. The entertainment will start at 17 p.m.

The commented walk with Colin

The truffle will no longer have any secrets for you! Go on the paths of Quercy with Colin, nature guide, and discover how this black mushroom has shaped the landscapes and heritage of the country.

Truffle hunting

Learn while having fun with truffle hunting ! Discover the multiple varieties of truffles and gather the ingredients by unearthing the 7 caches in the small village of Lalbenque to create the mystery recipe. A real treasure hunt to share with the family!

They offer stays around the truffle

The hosts below offer stays around the truffle, ideal for discovering the black diamond in total immersion...

Do not hesitate to contact them to discover their offer and to make sure of their availability.

Activities around truffles:

All the events around truffles
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