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Spotted horses - Grotte du Pech Merle
Spotted horses - Grotte du Pech Merle
R. Flament Gallery

Thousands of years ago, men left their traces in Quercy, artistic footprints with the fine example of the Grotte du Pech Merle where one can find all the emotion released thanks to the cave / parietal paintings: spotted horses, bison, mammoth, aurochs, and the famous negative hand.

Multiple caves were present in the territory and some of them could serve as habitats. Some are shrouded in mysteries, in particular by their birth, which still remains undetermined. Many legends surround these caves, which offer both curiosity and astonishment to the visitor. These legends are an integral part of their history and have marked the memory of the inhabitants.

Simply be amazed by these breathtaking geological formations.

In the Lot, there are many chasms, caves and paleontological sites. There are at least 8 open to the public. This makes the Lot one of the richest departments in France in terms of underground cavities.

Go underground to explore them, discover them and go back a few years thanks to their fascinating stories. You will take full eyes.

The Cave of Pech Merle

Cave paintings at the cave of Pech Merle
Cave paintings at the cave of Pech Merle
P. Cabrol

Even better than Lascaux, because you are going to visit at Pech Merle, an authentic rock cave dating back 25 years. One can only be amazed by his paintings of bison, mammoths, punctuated horses but also negative hands. It's just 000 minutes from Saint-Cirq Lapopie, remember to book your visit.

What we like to Pech Merle :

  • visiting a real cave gives a special emotion
  • his 70 representations in painting: animal and human
  • guided tours in small groups of 25 people for the comfort and protection of the cave

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The Cloup d'Aural phosphate pits

The Cloup d'Aural phosphate pits
The Cloup d'Aural phosphate pits
A. Astruc

An open pit on the Causses du Quercy 20 minutes from cahorsin the village of Bach. It is an old phosphate mine where fossils have been found, this is what we invite you to discover at the phosphatières. 

What we like at the phosphate pits of the cloup d'aural:

  • tropical vegetation due to the presence of phosphate
  • educational visits that appeal to young and old alike
  • a cool, shady place in summer when it is hot.

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The pterosaur beach

Visit of the pterosaur beach in Crayssac
Visit of the pterosaur beach in Crayssac
E. Faure - Tourist office - Cahors Lot valley

A somewhat special beach is located in Crayssac, 15 minutes from Cahors in the Lot valley. Without sand or sea, 150 million years ago there was a lagoon with pterosaurs: flying reptiles cousins ​​of dinosaurs that left their footprints. In search of Emile, Bob, Arthur and many others.

What we love about Pterosaur Beach: 

  • quality guided tours by diggers with a touch of humor
  • an excavation site still in use
  • a visit suitable for children from 7 years old

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And further in the Lot...

The Padirac chasm

The Hall of the Grand Dôme - Lake Superior at the Gouffre de Padirac
The Hall of the Grand Dôme - Lake Superior at the Gouffre de Padirac
L. Nespoulous

1 hour from Cahors, very close to Rocamadour in the north of the Lot. It's 100m underground that it happens! A giant hole 35m in diameter on the surface and we go down underground for the visit.

It is such a magical place that we like to come back every year. We may pay a visit regularly, we always re(discover) something and we are amazed!

What we like in Padirac:

  • the descent by the stairs to admire the view from the depths of the abyss (it is also possible to take the elevators for those who are dizzy)
  • the walk in the underground river commented by the boatman
  • gigantic concretions

The Padirac chasm

The cave of Lacave

Concretions in the Grotte de Lacave
Concretions in the Grotte de Lacave
Caves of Lacave

Near Rocamadour, the famous cave of Lacave invites you on a journey into the heart of concretions. The departure by small train and the many rooms to discover are its major asset.

What we like in Lacave:

  • all by little train to get to the heart of the cave
  • the room of wonders with its phosphorescent concretions
    photos are allowed

Cave of Lacave

The cave of Almost

Concretions in the Cave of Almost
Concretions in the Cave of Almost
Almost Cave

Situated at Saint-Médard 5km from Saint-Céré, 1h15 drive from Cahors, go to the temple of stalactites.

What we like at the nearly cave:

  • pillars of stalactites from 8 to 10 meters
  • easy access: only 14 steps down to enter the cave
    one of the cheapest entrance fees in the Lot

Almost Cave

The Carbonnières cave

Carbonnières cave in Lacave
Carbonnières cave in Lacave
JM. Laugery

Located on the Préhisto Dino Parc site 5 minutes from Rocamadour, the Carbonnières cave is one of the last discoveries in the Lot in the 2000s.

What we love about the Carbonnières cave:

  • its easy route without any steps accessible by stroller
  • its sound and light show in superb galleries
  • the combined ticket possible with the prehisto dino park site

Cave of the Carbonnières

The archeosite of Les Fieux

Workshop for children at the Archéosite des Fieux
Workshop for children at the Archéosite des Fieux
Archeosite of Fieux

An archaeological site in a place classified as a historical monument. The archeosite is actually a place for visits and entertainment where many activities are offered: fire lighting demonstration, flint cutting, construction of a camp.

What we like about Archeosite:

  • a unique place to discover the life of prehistoric men
  • educational workshops to learn to live like prehistoric men

Archeosite of Fieux

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