Les Junies : The Saint-Perdufle de La Masse church
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Circuit Autour de la Vallée de la Masse

That's it LES JUNIES
Duration 03:15
Difficulty Medium
Distance 12km
Denivele 358m

Singular and bucolic discovery of the Masse valley, its church with remarkable murals, its small hamlets, its menhirs and its dolmens.

Built in the XNUMXth century, the church of La Masse, remarkable for its imposing steeple-wall, houses astonishing mural paintings dating from the end of the Middle Ages. On the walls of the nave, one or more anonymous artists have depicted the seven deadly sins in the form of a procession of figures guided by demons. Pride is represented by a nobleman mounted on a lion and holding a falcon in his hand, avarice by a man carrying three purses which one imagines to be full of gold.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.

Distance from previous stage:

Opposite the town hall, turn right, pass in front of the fountain and turn right for 50 m. Opposite a house, on the left, take the alley (with steps). Cross the road and turn right then opposite the road between the box trees. In the bend, leave the road to follow the path that goes up. Cross the road and continue in the woods until the D 660. Take it for 200 m.

Distance from previous stage:

At the crossroads, follow the D 37 to the right towards Lherm as far as the hamlet of Conté. Take the path on the left towards Canourgues. Cross the D 660 again and arrive at the hamlet of “Canourgues”. In the bread oven, walk along a meadow then enter a wood. Do not cross the meadow, go down towards the D660 on the right; along it behind the slide. At the panel Les Junies, take the crossing opposite (passage over the “La Masse” stream). Cross the D 45 and take the path that goes up the hill for 1,3 km.

Distance from previous stage:

Arrived on a paved road which goes to the hamlet of “Broutous”, turn left to the hamlet of “Bordes”. Cross the road and take the road opposite towards the place called “Les Roques”. Follow this road which becomes a path to reach a crossroads. Turn right (dolmen “the 3 stones”) and continue straight.

Distance from previous stage:

Continue straight until the Labertrandoune dolmen. Leave the path to take a parallel path. We find the wider path previously left. Continue straight and join the path slightly to the left.

Distance from previous stage:

Arrived at "Roquebert", turn left and go towards the dolmens called gromlechs. Leave the trail that continues. At the geodesic marker, follow the path on the left. At the palombière, go down to the right. At the stone wall, turn left.

Distance from previous stage:

Arrived at a road, leave it and take the path on the right which descends steeply. (Attention delicate passage at the level of the indicative panel La Masse). In the hamlet of “La Masse”, cross the D 45. Reach the fountain. Follow the road to the junction with the D 37. At the junction, turn left towards the village of Junies. At a place called “Les Levades”, turn right towards La Tuque. Leave the road and take the stony path on the left.

Distance from previous stage:

Arrived at the hamlet of "Pouget" (in which you do not enter), take the path on the left. Going down, it is possible to see, on the left, the castle. After the houses, turn right towards the War Memorial and return to the Junies village square.



Parking de la Mairie des Junies
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