Le Boulvé - View In Quercy Blanc
Lot Tourisme - J. Morel

Circuit de Creyssens

That's it THE BOULVE
Duration 02:15
Difficulty Easy
Distance 7.2km
Denivele 174m

From the heart of a fertile valley, the circuit will take you to the heights of Quercy Blanc, where a view is offered to you on a wide panorama.

The intensity of the light, the heat of the summers and the limestone soils that he particularly likes only partially explain the omnipresence of the pubescent oak in the south of Quercy.

The other reason is its natural tendency to reoccupy abandoned land. Where pastoral activity declines as was the case in the Lot at the end of the XNUMXth century, it quickly occupies the land thanks to the involuntary help of the jay of the oaks and the red squirrel.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.

Distance from previous stage:

D With your back to the church, cross the D 28. Continue opposite for 250 m and take a path to the right. At a fork, go up to the right until you reach a “Fajole” house.

Distance from previous stage:

At this one, turn right to go down the path.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn left on the bend. At an intersection of two paths, continue straight. Go along fields for 300 m, then continue on the path which goes up in the undergrowth. Cross the D 28 to take the path opposite. Leave a path on the right and continue to the D 28.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right on the D 28 and, 50 m, turn right onto a path. Rejoin the road and continue to the right for 150 m.

Distance from previous stage:

At the crossroads, turn right. Go down through the undergrowth to a road, take it to the right. Shortly after, discover the Théron fountain on the right. Follow the road to the wooden post and take the direction of the chapel of Creyssens. Go up a few steps to the right. Continue on the left path in the undergrowth. Continue downhill to the road, follow it to the right.

Distance from previous stage:

At the hamlet of "Creyssens", turn left to pass in front of the chapel. Cross the “Saint-Matré” stream and turn right to follow it. Continue on this path then follow the direction of the washhouse on the right.

Distance from previous stage:

Arrive at the D 50 (washhouse), turn right towards the village. Before the D 28, turn left, go up the alleys on the left to reach the starting point.



Place de l'église du Boulvé
Le Boulve
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