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Circuit de la Cévenne de Béars

That's it ARCAMBAL
Duration 04:30
Difficulty Difficult
Distance 16.2km
Denivele 497m

This circuit combines many viewpoints over the Lot valley with the discovery of some typical gariottes of the causses.

In the XNUMXth century, at the height of the Lot vineyards, the rural population was so numerous that the smallest parcel was cultivated. But the ground was stony and the peasant had to remove the stones to update the earth. In the spring, the plowing brought to the surface its share of pebbles that had to be removed.
It is from this stoning activity that spring dry stone walls and gariottes over the years. These small masterpieces of know-how and simplicity that we discover at the bend of the paths or in the middle of the fields were built without death.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions. Slippery path in rainy weather.

Distance from previous stage:

Cross the hamlet of “Béars”, and at the exit, leave the D 49 by turning left.

Distance from previous stage:

After 100 m, take a small shaded path on the right which goes up. Arrive on the plateau, and at the fork, take the path on the right. Follow it until the D 49.

Distance from previous stage:

At this one, take the wide path on the left and follow it to a road and turn right to the D 8.

Distance from previous stage:

After 150 m on the D 8, turn left to “la Balme”. Always go straight, leaving the paths to the right and left. Follow the direction of “la combe de Vayssiès by crossing the igue”. Arrive at the bottom, go straight towards the combe des Vaysses (Pech Aguet). After 400 m, turn left on a small path.

Distance from previous stage:

Arrive on the D 8, turn right for 150 m then turn left on the path then right.

Distance from previous stage:

Arrive at the crossing with the D8, turn left and go up to the next intersection. There, turn right towards the hamlet of “la Roumégouze”. At the next crossroads, after 900 m, turn left and go down the white path, passing in front of “La Roumégouze”.

Distance from previous stage:

At the intersection, continue straight downhill. Go under the bridge and past the pumping station. Follow on the edge of the Lot river.

Distance from previous stage:

At the intersection with the D 10, cross in the direction of Pasturat. In the village, turn left, pass in front of the church and go straight up. Then follow the GR® 36 still uphill.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right towards “Béars”. Follow the road (and the GR® 36) uphill for 400 m, turn right and follow this path.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right and take the path taken on the outward journey to the starting point.



Hameau de Béars, accès par le pont au niveau du village de Vers
Hameau de Béars
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