Circuit of the Oppidum PC32 - Luzech
Anouk Marchand - J Morel

Circuit of the Oppidum

That's it LUZECH
Duration 04h00
Difficulty Difficult
Distance 13.3km
Ascent 402m

From meander to meander, the Lot nibbled at the limestone plateau and Luzech missed being an island...Leave for a walk through time, from the Gallo-Roman oppidum to the medieval dungeon.

Various excavations carried out around Luzech and on the Oppidum of Impernal have led to many discoveries: ammonites from the Upper Jurassic of the Quercy region, Gallo-Roman remains from the occupation of Impernal in the 1st century BC JC, but also footprints and traces of dinosaurs, in particular a molding of a 60 m2 footpath, dating from around 140 million years.


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