Circuit of the Oppidum PC32 - Luzech
Anouk Marchand - J Morel

Circuit de l’Oppidum

That's it LUZECH
Duration 04:00
Difficulty Difficult
Distance 13.3km
Denivele 402m

From meander to meander, the Lot nibbled at the limestone plateau and Luzech missed being an island...Leave for a walk through time, from the Gallo-Roman oppidum to the medieval dungeon.

Various excavations carried out around Luzech and on the Oppidum of the Impernal led to numerous discoveries: ammonites from the Upper Jurassic of the Quercy region, Gallo-Roman remains from the occupation of Impernal in the 1st century BC, but also footprints and traces of dinosaurs, in particular a molding of a 60 m2 footpath, dating from around 140 million years.

Distance from previous stage:

With your back to the tourist information office, cross the Place du Canal and take the main street of the city, opposite.

Distance from previous stage:

Go towards the tower. Climb the stairs to the foot of the dungeon. Continue to follow the GR® 36 and reach the orientation table on the Im oppidumpernal (very beautiful panorama). Continue on the GR®. Note the Gallo-Roman site.

Distance from previous stage:

This ridge path leads straight to the “Cévenne de Caïx” (paragliding take-off area, panoramic view of the Lot valley).

Distance from previous stage:

Then turn left. Note on the right a gariotte. Go down the path and come out on a road; turn right, pass in front of a small barn.

Distance from previous stage:

At the second path on the right, continue the gently sloping path. Arrive at a crossroads with a beautiful stone cross.

Distance from previous stage:

Go down the path on the right which leads to the hamlet of “Caïx”.

Distance from previous stage:

To turn left. Pass above the Château de Caïx. Arrive at the crossroads with the cross (5), take the same path as on the way out.

Distance from previous stage:

Come out on a road, follow it to the right for 50 m, veer onto a path to the left. At the intersection with a road, turn right for 200 m, then a path on the left. Turn right twice at the next two intersections.

Distance from previous stage:

Follow left on the path, at the crossroads of the four rural paths, turn left towards the hamlet of "Calvignac".

Distance from previous stage:

Cross the hamlet, continue for 1 km, at the crossroads turn right towards Fages. Do 500m.


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Bureau d'information touristique de Luzech
46140 LUZECH
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