Circuits the old paths of Pern PC17 - Pern
Christine Hoden - OT Quercy White

Circuit des Chemins Anciens de Pern

from PERN
That's it PERN
Duration 04:00
Difficulty Medium
Distance 14.1km
Denivele 186m

Circuit through the Quercy Blanc plateau to discover a rich heritage, typical buildings and a preserved natural landscape.

Coming from a time when man built with what he found under his feet, the traditional dwelling is the exact reflection of the territory on which it is established. To the south of the Lot valley, under the thin layer of earth, this chalky stone outcrops which gave its name to the country. A stone of such quality that all of Quercy Blanc used it for the construction of houses.

Distance from previous stage:

With your back to the church door, go left towards the fountain-washhouse. Go along it on the left to arrive, after a square, at the rue de la mairie. Turn left, then right towards the cemetery. Follow this road (view to the right on Lhospitalet and the castle of Labastide-Marnhac). At the D 659, cross and continue left on the path. At the road, continue towards “Laromiguière”.

Distance from previous stage:

At the reservoir (panoramic view at the top), turn left. Go 400 m and, at the D 55, turn right, walk 200 m and turn right on the white dirt road which passes through fields.

Distance from previous stage:

At the crossroads (departure of the shortcut straight to point n°5), continue to the left, pass in front of magnificent Quercy houses, cross a road and continue straight to a valley.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right, then take the path that climbs towards Cézac on the right. On the way up, notice the “Théron” fountain. At the top of the hill, turn right.

Distance from previous stage:

At the road, turn right towards a ridge path (turn around to look at the valley and its typical vegetation of the Causse). After a slight climb, at the fence, turn right.

Distance from previous stage:

At the end of this path (arrival of the shortcut), turn left, cross the road and continue straight on the path called “Cami Romieu” once very used by pilgrims leaving for various holy places. At the next road, head towards “Barrave”. On the way, on the right, view of Pern et Lhospitalet. Leave the road to take the path on the right which descends. At the bottom, at the T-shaped crossroads, turn left then at the next crossroads right, continue to the D 659. Cross it and go up on the right.

Distance from previous stage:

At the end of the wooden security gates, turn left onto a road that becomes a path (view of the “Granéjouls” church). Drive 500 m, turn right onto a path lined with trees. At the road, turn right then immediately left. At a T, turn right. Further on, at the crow's feet, go straight. At the road, turn right then left.

Distance from previous stage:

Go 150 m then, in the bend, head right on the path that descends. Go along the wall on the left to return to the church.



Mairie de Pern
46170 PERN
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