Circuits the old paths of Pern PC17 - Pern
Christine Hoden - OT Quercy Blanc

Circuit of the Old Paths of Pern

from PERN
That's it PERN
Duration 04h00 (UTC -XNUMX:XNUMX)
Difficulty Medium
Distance 14.1km
Ascent 186m

Circuit through the Quercy Blanc plateau to discover a rich heritage, typical buildings and a preserved natural landscape.

Coming from a time when man built with what he found under his feet, the traditional dwelling is the exact reflection of the territory on which it is established. To the south of the Lot valley, under the thin layer of earth, this chalky stone outcrops which gave its name to the country. A stone of such quality that all of Quercy Blanc used it for the construction of houses.



Pern Town Hall
46170 PERN
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