Saint Matré: Stream in the Valley
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Circuit des Petits Ruisseaux et des Grandes Vignes

Duration 03:30
Difficulty Easy
Distance 11km
Denivele 159m

This walk offers a varied landscape, steeped in Quercy Blanc and the Vineyards of Cahors. You will cross limestone moors,
under oak trees, a valley and its streams, a plateau dotted with vines, around beautiful winegrowers' residences and a Romanesque chapel.

Perched on a ridge or isolated at the bottom of a valley, there are many churches and chapels in Quercy Blanc. Most of the time, they have a very ancient origin. Indeed, the Church often recovered old places of pagan worship, located for many near water points, at the time when it evangelized massively the rural populations.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.

Distance from previous stage:

From the square, take the direction Sauzet. Cross the D 656. Continue opposite on the tarmac road towards “La Rode”, which subsequently becomes, alternatively, chemin de castine or tarmac.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the descent in S and before going up, turn left. Go down the path, in the undergrowth. Arrive on a small paved road, and in a hairpin bend, turn left, follow it to a place called "Serres".

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right towards the houses and go around the grassy plot with a small stone building. Continue to the next house. Go around the house and take a grassy path that slants to the left and descends towards the valley. At mid-slope, turn right and take the path that will lead you to the Roussel mill. Cross several small streams and continue straight until you reach a paved road.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn left and follow the road and the box hedge for a few meters. After the house, turn right and go up the small path towards the farm. At the top of the path, turn right and descend towards the small lake. Turn left, opposite the lake, up the path, bordered by tall trees, which will lead you to the plateau.

Distance from previous stage:

Pass between the barn and the house, continue on the paved road then straight on the white road. Turn right at the level of the large sheds and continue to the D 4, Saint-Matré entrance sign (possibility of stopping the circuit and returning to the village).

Distance from previous stage:

At the crossroads, turn right, then immediately take the dirt road on the left. Continue, for about 2 km, the path that runs along fields and undergrowth to a fork.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn left and continue on the paved road. Along the AOC vineyard Cahors and continue straight until the D 656.

Distance from previous stage:

Cross the main road, and continue towards the hamlet of “Coulourgues”. Go to the chapel. Turn right to leave the hamlet. At the crossroads go straight. Pass in the middle of the wine properties, arrive at the D 656. Follow it for 20 m before crossing it, with caution, towards the stone path opposite. Cross the undergrowth bordering the stadium then follow the path along the D 656. Take the tunnel on the right passing under the road (caution, dangerous passage in bad weather). Take the small road to the right towards the place called “Lacombe”, follow it to the center of the village.



Place située au carrefour de la D4 et de la D656 à St Matré
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