Flaugnac: View of the Village
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Circuit du Castrum de Flaugnac

That's it FLAUGNAC
Duration 02:15
Difficulty Easy
Distance 7km
Denivele 192m

Circuit that takes you from the fortified village of Flaugnac to the opposite side, discovering viewpoints over two valleys while walking through a small and varied heritage.

Flaugnac, perched on a promontory offering a natural defence, is one of these castle towns built in the XNUMXth century. At the time, it looked like a fort – the castrum – surrounded by walls and cut off from the rest of the village by a drawbridge. Inside the castrum, was the stately home and the noble houses ensuring the protection of the town. But the Hundred Years War and then the wars of religion got the better of this fine organization.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.

Distance from previous stage:

On the church square, opposite the war memorial, take the street on the right which goes down. Arrive at a perpendicular street, turn left then take the path on the right between the boxwood. At the first crossroads, turn left to descend towards the D 26. On this, turn left, then take the first right.

Distance from previous stage:

At a fork, continue to the right on a road that becomes a path. Pass the hamlet of "Villassac", climb to the edge of the wood, continue for 100 m and turn right. Follow this path to the D 49 and cross it.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the path lined with dry stone walls which leads to a beautiful esplanade and the chapel of Lamolayrette. View of the valley.

Distance from previous stage:

With your back to the door of the chapel, turn left to reach a small road. Cross it, then take the path opposite, pass a farm and continue on this path which goes to the right. At a crossroads, turn left to the D 49.

Distance from previous stage:

Cross it and take the path opposite, go 50 m and turn left. At a fork, turn right and continue down a small road. Pass the hamlet of "Cauquelle" and continue towards the D 26.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right, drive 400 m, turn left and climb up to a side path. Take a path on the left to go up towards the village.



Place de l'église de Flaugnac
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