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Sauzet - View of the Village
Lot Tourisme - J. Morel

Circuit of Lissourgues

That's it SAUSET
Duration 02h30 (UTC -XNUMX:XNUMX)
Difficulty Easy
Distance 8.7km
Ascent 127m

This circuit allows you to discover a contrasting landscape, with an arid plateau and valleys crossed by streams. You will discover water mills, walls and dry stone huts.

The Lissourgues is a stream which rises in the town of Carnac-Rouffiac and flows into the Lot at Bélaye. Don't be fooled by its discreet appearance, it once turned no less than eight mills. certain sectors with small waterfalls and mill reservoirs retain water even at low water levels and are locally home to a population of fario trout.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.



Place of the town hall of Sauzet
46140 SAUZET
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