Montgesty: Menhir
Lot Tourisme

Circuit du Menhir

Duration 03:00
Difficulty Easy
Distance 9.5km

Discovery of a rich rural built heritage, such as fountains, chapel, the sound of cicadas from the causse.

Born in 1802, Jean Gabriel Perboyre, a native of Montgesty, left as a missionary in Asia in 1835. In China forbidden to all Europeans on pain of death. His mission in the province of Hunan lasted four years. But a local potentate had him arrested. From prison to prison, from court to court, he was held captive for a year but remained steadfast in his faith. Sentenced to death by strangulation, he was executed on September 11, 1840. Each year, in August and September, pilgrims from all over France come to Montgesty to honor his memory.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the D50 on the left towards Thédirac. Before leaving the village, turn right. At the crossroads, continue on the left taking the stone path.

Distance from previous stage:

At the crossroads, turn right onto the paved road. At the next crossroads (about 100m), turn left onto the stone path.

Distance from previous stage:

Follow the path on the right and enter the forest. (palombière on the left). At the exit of the forest, follow the D46 on the right. Continue on the D 46, (old mill on your right), opposite a water tower, turn left. At the level of the tennis courts, cross the D13 to take a path opposite between two stone walls. In Courtis, at the T-junction, turn left

Distance from previous stage:

At the intersection, possibility of going back and forth going up opposite to observe the Courtis menhir (2000 BC), Otherwise turn right towards the place called “Germilhac”. There, leave the road on the left continuing straight ahead.

Distance from previous stage:

Leave the road and take the path on the left. At a crossroads of paths, take the one on the right. Opposite is the village of Puech. (Possibility to see the birthplace of Saint Jean-Gabriel Perboyre). Join the paved road (fountain and an old aqueduct) and turn left.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn immediately right to reach the Château de Crabilhé. Bypass it and at the next intersection (cross), turn left.

Distance from previous stage:

At the intersection turn right. At the washhouse, turn right then left at the crossroads.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right to join the D50. Turn right towards the village of Montgesty.



Place du village de Montgesty devant la statue de JG Perboyre
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