Montcabrier: Fortification of Agglomeration
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Circuit Entre Bastide et Vallée de la Thèze

Duration 03:30
Difficulty Medium
Distance 11.6km
Denivele 259m

Departing from the bastide of Montcabrier, this circuit will enchant you with its pleasant shaded paths. Gariottes, natural arch, water mill, well and Calvary adorn this walk.

In a green setting, this 13th century royal bastide dominates the Thèze valley and the castrum of Pestilhac. It was founded in 1298 by Philippe le Bel on the lands of the lords of Pestilhac. Its history tells of the rivalry and the many mutual attacks that opposed its inhabitants to those of Pestilhac.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.

Distance from previous stage:

From the town hall, go to the back of the church, pass at the foot of the watchtower house and continue. Facing a house, go left to cross a door of the old enclosure. Take the D 68 for 30 m to the right, then go down to the left. Take the D 673 on the left for 300 m.

Distance from previous stage:

Follow the path to the right and arrive at a crow's feet. Continue on the path to the left and reach a crossroads.

Distance from previous stage:

Continue opposite, direction Mignot. After passing the hamlet, follow a tarmacked path to the right which becomes a path. At the crossroads, under the power line, continue to the right then to the left. Pass the "Moulin de la Borde" campsite, then a shed and join a wide path. Facing a meadow, climb the path to the left (fountain-washhouse). Cross the footbridge and join the D 673.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the D 673 to the right. Ignore the road on the right which leads to a mill and continue for 30 m. Then take the path on the left, then the road on the left for 500 m.

Distance from previous stage:

In sight of a house, leave the road to follow a path on the left and cross a wood. Arrive on a road, turn right for 1 km.

Distance from previous stage:

Take a first right on a path, then go right twice. At the crossroads, turn left. Arrived on the plateau take the first path on the left and follow it to the hamlet of "Fraysse", cross it.

Distance from previous stage:

At this crossroads, take the road opposite for 200 m, then the path on the left. It passes at the foot of a gariotte. Pass the Fraysse-Haut farm to reach an intersection.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn right in the woods (GR®). Continue between two vines, cross a road and take the road to Salsac. Head left to join the road and take it for 400 m. Leave it again by turning right before the D 68 then left to return to Montcabrier.



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