White Path of Bagat
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Circuit Sur les Chemins Blancs de Bagat

Duration 03:30
Difficulty Easy
Distance 11km
Denivele 149m

Explore the plateaus, where the limestone paths typical of Quercy Blanc cross and intersect, and discover a remarkable view from the Calvary.

According to most historians, the word Quercy comes from cadurci, the Latin name of a Gallic tribe based in Cahors in ancient times. And it is to the limestone which crops up everywhere and which gives this white color to the houses, that Quercy Blanc owes its name.


Go equipped with suitable shoes and waterproof clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.

Distance from previous stage:

With your back to the town hall, take the road opposite. At the intersection, turn left towards "Les Fontanelles" then immediately turn left into a small alley. Continue after the cross on the dirt road. You can see in the distance, on the left, the castle of Folmont. Continue straight on this path which passes at one point just above a farm.

Distance from previous stage:

At the intersection with a white path, turn left. Then at the crossroads with a paved road, continue straight. In a hairpin bend, leave the road to take the dirt road opposite on the left. Before the orchard, take the grassy path on the left in the undergrowth. Arrive at a paved road, with a wall in front, turn left, then left again.

Distance from previous stage:

At the road, turn left. After 300 m, leave "Billard" on the right and continue straight for 400 m. At a left-hand bend, turn right along the stream, past a cross and over a small bridge towards “Billard”. Leave a right turn to go straight on a grassy path. Continue right. Go along a hedge of trees on the right before going up gently. Take a hairpin bend on the right and continue in an undergrowth.

Distance from previous stage:

At the intersection, leave the first private road on the left which goes to "Goulfier" and take the paved road to the left. Go 200 m and in a left turn which rises, leave the road and take a white path on the right, typical of Quercy Blanc. At a summit, at the Y, turn left. Continue for about 300m. Arrive on a cross path, turn right. At the intersection of several paths, take the right turn then continue on the left path which climbs towards the plateau. At the wooden sign, continue straight on towards Villesèque.

Distance from previous stage:

Cross the tarmac road and continue straight on the white path that goes up. At a fork, continue to the left. Arrive at the road, continue to the right. After 80 m, leave the road towards “Camp de Bagat” on the left, and continue straight.

Distance from previous stage:

Then take a wide white path on the right. At a fork, turn right and continue straight on the plateau for 1300 m. At the wooden sign, follow the direction of Calvary. Continue straight, between the plantations of truffle oaks on the right, then the vines on the left. Take a small path on the left in the undergrowth, along which you can see the remains of an old low wall. Take the main path on the right for about 150 m. We notice in the distance the castle of Folmont. Take again on the left a small path which winds between the boxwoods. Continue on this one until an intersection with another small path on the right, which you have to follow. At the wooden sign, follow the direction of Calvary. In the distance, we can make out the XNUMXth century Montcuq tower; from the Calvary, there is a magnificent view of Bagat-en-Quercy. Go back down the small steep path and finally take the road to the right to reach the village.



Mairie de Bagat en Quercy
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