C Bouthé - Vent d'autan

Le sentier karstique de l’igue de Crégols

That's it CREGOLS
Duration 02:30
Difficulty Easy-to-use
Distance 5km
Denivele 155m

This walk will make you discover beautiful geological curiosities: an old phosphate mine under your feet, the impressive igue or a resurgence.

With its numerous resurgences, the Lot is the world's third largest cave diving spot (behind the Cenotes of Yucatan and Florida). Several thousand dives are counted each year. Between the resurgences of Ressel, Saint-Sauveur, Cabouy or Crégols, to name only the most popular, the choice is vast. Divers from all over the world appreciate the clarity of the waters and the diversity of possible dives.


Steep climb between the cemetery and the phosphatière - easier access via the long variant.

Distance from previous stage:

From the car park, take the D8 to the right for a few meters. Cross the road and take the path that descends under the road towards the Lot (information panel “Espace Naturel Sensible” on the resurgence of Crégols). A little further on, a sign indicates access to the resurgence of Crégols . Retrace your steps and take the path to the right. It passes over the resurgence. Take the first path on the left which climbs rapidly towards the road. >> Long easy variant: possibility of going straight along the D8 for 200 m then taking the path that goes up to point 2. Head towards the village and immediately take the first path uphill on the right. It joins a small paved road which descends. It takes you to the village road which you take on the right going up to the level of the cemetery.

Distance from previous stage:

Leave the road by taking the path on the right which runs along the wall of the cemetery. First flat, it quickly begins to climb the hill. Once on the ridge, you reach another path, at the edge of which opens a chasm (platform above the phosphatière). Continue the path on the left (return possible on the right to a beautiful viewpoint over the Lot). Continue the path to enjoy the view over the Bournac valley.

Distance from previous stage:

At the next crossroads, turn left. The path meanders over the forest ridge then goes sharply to the left. 100 m further, go right and take the path surrounded by dry stone walls. Leave the cross paths, pass in front of a "gariotte" on your right and you come out on a cross path.

Distance from previous stage:

Turn left, follow the path for about 700 m (caselle on the right) and take a dirt road on the left. Take a path on the right, which passes near an old ruin and brings you to the edge of the igue de Crégols .

Distance from previous stage:

Continue to bypass the igue to the right, and take a path that descends to the right into a small dry valley. Continue your descent which leads you on a track then on a tarmacked road which brings you back to the village passing by the cemetery and along a dovecote.



Place du village de Crégols
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