Dolmen of Joncas
Ulick Palmer

Les Dolmens de Limogne-en-Quercy

Duration 03:00
Difficulty Medium
Distance 9.1km
Denivele 144m

Explore the cause of Limogne to discover some of its dolmens and in particular the contemporary dolmen of Rigounenque.

Distance from previous stage:

Leaving the car park, take the sidewalk to the left. At the gas station, take the road to the left (direction Varaire) and continue for 150 m. Turn right and after 200 m, take the dirt road (GR®65). On the left, after the grove of conifers, notice the typical cabin. Further on, from the wide path, on the right, enter the grove to discover the Joncas dolmen.

Distance from previous stage:

Retrace your steps and notice the huts and wells along the way. Join the small paved road which passes Ferrières-Bas then in front of a roadside cross. Here, make a round trip to the dolmen of Ferrières. 200 m further on, leave the GR® and head left. After 50 m, turn left again on the path giving access to the dolmen of Ferrières, classified as a Historic Monument.

Distance from previous stage:

After the visit, retrace your steps to the wayside cross and turn left in front of the cross (houses with typical architecture in the hamlet). At the bottom of the small descent, on the right, the Bézou fountain welcomes you with its monolithic trough (a single stone) and its rosary pump. Take the small road in the direction of the D911 and take it to the left, for 50 m.

Distance from previous stage:

Then turn right, the dirt road leading first to Lac d'Aurié, then to the Lac d'Aurié dolmen (also known as Pech Lapeyre) also listed as a Historic Monument. Leaving the wood of the dolmen, follow the path to the crossroads. Turn left, cross the paved road and take the small road opposite which leads to Mas de Couderc.

Distance from previous stage:

At the entrance to the hamlet, admire the finely carved cross and turn right. Admire the covered well on the left. Just before the soccer field, turn left into the street leading to the contemporary dolmen (possibility of picnicking nearby). Retrace your steps and take the direction of Limogne then on the right the chemin de Fonsèque leading to the center of the village to reach the starting point.



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