Circuit The high peaks of Quercy Blanc PC15 - Cézac
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The High Peaks of Quercy Blanc

from CEZAC
That's it CEZAC
Duration 02h30 (UTC -XNUMX:XNUMX)
Difficulty Medium
Distance 8.5km
Ascent 177m

The start of this hike is in the heart of the Lendou valley, so you will have to climb on each side of the village on the white greenhouses which illustrate the name of Quercy Blanc well.

The water mill of Lamothe in Cézac is, according to its previous owner, much older than indicated by the date engraved above the window: year VI. This is the date of the construction of the miller's dwelling above the mill which would have originally belonged to a religious congregation of Granéjouls.



Place of the church of Cézac
46170 CEZAC
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