village ofAlbas - Circuit The Three Valleys PC33 - Albas
Martine Bouchet Lot Tourisme

The Three Valleys

from ALBAS
That's it ALBAS
Duration 04h30 (UTC -XNUMX:XNUMX)
Difficulty Difficult
Distance 14.7km
Ascent 414m

This more sporty circuit is really worth the effort. You will go from valleys to causses and discover fabulous landscapes. You will be rewarded for your effort with a magnificent panorama over the Lot valley.

The limestone soils of the causse do not know how to retain water. As soon as it falls from the sky, it penetrates the cracks in the rock and is lost in the depths. It forms rivers there which sometimes resurface at long distances, in contact with a clay pocket. In the Lot valley, water that penetrates the ground flows along the slope and quickly forms streams that suddenly spring from the ground. This is the case at a place called "les Payrols".



Esplanade on the banks of the Lot in Albas
46140 ALBAS
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