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L.Da Ascençao - Tourist Office Cahors - Lot Valley

The marathon of the vineyards of Cahors

The Vineyards Marathon Cahors will be organized in Cahors Lot Valley on May 19, 2024. On the program, a half-marathon and a marathon. Both will come to Cahors, after having traveled the roads and paths of the vineyards of Cahors. On the course, you will have the opportunity to taste the nectars at random from "discovery refreshments" - always in moderation of course, because you have to reach the finish line. 

The Valentré bridge Cahors as the arrival arch… The vineyard as an immersive setting… Lot gastronomic products as protein bars… The wine of Cahors and the hills of Quercy as elixirs of youth (in all moderation, of course)… Joy, fantasy, humour, disguises like sportswear… Who could say better? The programme seduce you? So join us quickly.

Vineyards & Châteaux Vineyards marathon
Vineyards & Châteaux Vineyards marathon
L.Da Ascençao - Tourist Office Cahors - Lot Valley

In short, the Destination is ready to welcome you. Are you ready too? So go for Cahors - Lot Valley to take part in the Marathon of the vineyards of Cahors  ! Mark your calendars and come find a new lease of life. 

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The paths

Two formats are available: One marathon and Half marathon with the Valentré bridge as the finish line.

The marathon will start from the city of Cahors while the half-marathon will start from the town of Luzech. Free shuttle buses will allow participants of the half-marathon to reach Luzech from Cahors. The circuit of the two races winds through the heart of the vineyard over 8 towns: Cahors, Mercuès, Caillac, Crayssac, Luzech, Parnac, Douelle et Pradines.

Disguised or not, you can enjoy entertainment and tastings all along the route!



The course is made up of 95% paved surface and 5% path and is accessible to joëlettes. 

The half marathon


The course is made up of 98% paved surface and 2% paths, and it is accessible to joëlettes.

The Marathon Village

Village opening Saturday May 18 from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. and Sunday May 19, 2024 from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. located at the edge of the lot, between the Pont Valentré and the Espace Valentré. It brings together several spaces to discover the world of running in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, and participate in the various activities offered throughout the weekend! Free admission.

Testimony of a runner from the first Vineyard Marathon Cahors...

Clément is responsible for reception at the Tourist Office Cahors -Lot Valley. He is used to running from one tourist information office to another, from Puy-l'Évêque to St-Cirq Lapopie via Cahors and Montcuq! But he also runs in the evening and on weekends... For other reasons!

Already present on the starting line of pretty races well known to Lot residents such as the Ekiden or even Vignes & Châteaux, he is launching a new challenge: 2023 will be the year of his first half-marathon... At home!

As soon as I found out that there was a half-marathon here, in the Lot valley, I didn't hesitate for a second! In fact, I was waiting for the opportunity. This will be my very first! I had already run 16 or 17 km, now it will be a little less than 22 km… That will do it!
It's the challenge of running a half-marathon that motivates me, the name too! Half-marathon... It slaps! I wanted to push my limits and doing it here is even better!
For the first time, I have no performance target. Finishing will already be a victory. 
I also get into the festive mood of running while attending a party. I want to enjoy the whole event!
I started my preparation alone, and today there are four of us training together and that changes everything! I'll even have friends in the volunteer team, and at different aid stations, so it's really going to be a party!
I will be disguised of course and I think about it a lot, it is part of the important preparations. I have to be able to run with the outfit for three hours and at the same time be fun... It's in progress!
I had heard of such races before. Those of the Médoc and Beaujolais… I so wanted there to be one in the vineyard of Cahors ! The landscapes lend themselves to it so much! 
And then finally a marathon in the department!

Clément Cagnac
Clément Cagnac
A. Laudouar
Clément Cagnac

Clément is the reception manager of the Tourist Office

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