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triathlon Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

With a completely natural space, the Causses du Quercy are ideal for the practice of Triathlon! The Lot is a river that flows peacefully in the valley, swimming will be fast because it will be done in the direction of the current!

The roads of Quercy are ideal for triathlon! Both fast in the Lot and Célé valleys, but also beautiful climbs! A course that will offer 90 km and 1 m of elevation gain! The paths of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, both hard and splendid! You will arrive in the historic village for the end of the run, and you will pass by the towpath during your return trip! A course that will be 21 km for 90 m of D+!

This year a new distance is coming, a new major challenge, an XXL distance, the runners will go to Rocamadour by bike, and they will finish with a marathon along the lot at the foot of the village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.


SATURDAY September 30:

-08H00 From XXL (3,9km swim - 180km bike - 42km run)
-10:00 a.m. From du L (1,9 km of swimming - 90 km of cycling - 21 km of running)
-14:00 p.m. To the First runners of the L
-16:00 p.m. To the First XXL runners
- 16:30 p.m. Delivery of flowers on the line of the first 3 of the XXL
-17:00 p.m. To the Last runners of the L
- 17:30 p.m. Prize Giving for L
-00H30 To of the Last runners of the XXL

SUNDAY October 1:

-09:45 Closing of the bike park for the M
-10:00 a.m. From du M (1,5km swim - 40km bike - 10km run)
-12H30 TB of the first competitor
-14H30 TB of the last competitor
-15:00 p.m. M and XXL prize giving and closing of the Triathlon Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

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