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The circuit of the Cabanes de Limogne

À Limogne-en-Quercy
The circuit of the cabins highlights the passion of men and women for a territory and an ancestral local know-how: the work of dry stone. Throughout this 3,5 km course, low walls and huts abound, offering guaranteed wonder for young and old.

At the heart of the rural heritage of Limogne-en-Quercy 

The village of Limogne-en-Quercy is full of heritage curiosities such as washhouses, fountains, low walls or even dolmens that can be discovered through the thematic tours that roam the surroundings. Whether you are on foot or by mountain bike, these circuits are accessible in all seasons and allow you to soak up the typical landscapes of the Causse.  


The circuit of the huts reveals the wonders of small heritage 

A local association, Heritage Discovery and Safeguarding, is at the heart of this valorization work, the result of which is fascinating. There are 27 unique huts in terms of their dimensions and their characteristics, built in the thickness of the low walls, in the cayrous or in the open fields which punctuate the route allowing a break conducive to contemplation. This circuit, materialized by wooden panels, takes part of the botanical path and the GR65, the mythical road to Santiago de Compostela.  

Christine Lmr

A meaningful discovery  

This circuit is above all a magnificent walk in the heart of the Causse de Limogne which will delight lovers of dry stone heritage and lovers of short country walks. Each hut - which is also called cazelle or gariotte depending on the geographical area of ​​Quercy - invites you to contemplate from near or far, and offers a wonderful example of the enhancement and conservation of the small local heritage. Small numbered panels set up will make it possible not to miss a small distant hut or one melted into the landscape!


Open your eyes and take full advantage of these landscapes steeped in history and in which know-how is still transmitted today to keep our precious heritage more alive than ever!  

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