The Combe and the Château de Cieurac

Le sentier des truffes

Duration 03:00
Difficulty Easy
Distance 10.8km

This circuit departing from Lalbenque, "capital of the truffle", will make you discover well-preserved gariottes and caselles, castles and the fountain of La Rouquette.


Wear appropriate clothing, protect yourself from the sun, bring water and find out about the weather conditions.
Respect the fauna and flora, do not deviate from the marked trails and take away your waste.

Distance from previous stage:

From the swimming pool car park, go through the alleys of Fajal and the PNR interpretation panel, to reach the Place du Mercadiol (well and dovecote on the road) and follow the D10 towards Laburgade for 1 km.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the path to the left. At the first intersection, go left and back on the "path of the raised stone" to see the dolmen of Peyrelevade. Pass the crossing and continue straight for 1 km along the Bournel truffle field. At the small lake of Bournel, turn left on the grassy path for a few meters, then go right to pass in front of the well with internal stairs. Climb up the path which rises quite steeply towards the plateau, leave a barn on the left and arrive at the remarkable caselle de Nouel. Follow the D6 to the right for 200 m.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the path to the left. He descends into the scoop, describes a bend and traverses the scoop. At the edge of the wood, turn left (on the right, view of the Renaissance castle of Cieurac).

Distance from previous stage:

At the T-junction, head right for 100m and at the cross take the wide dirt road to the left. At the raised wash house (“La Rouquette” fountain), continue along the path to the right and, at the foot of the castle, in the small meadow, go up to the right.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the road to the right to pass in front of the Château de Pauliac, then take the wide path to the left. It zigzags for 1 km.

Distance from previous stage:

Take the cross path on the left towards the caselle de l'Azé, for 100 m. At the fork, continue to the right for 2 km and continue straight on the main path. Cross the D19, take the path opposite for 150 m, then the small road on the left to reach the starting point.



Parking de la piscine à Lalbenque.
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